Is Couchbase 7.3 Released?

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There is no information about Couchbase 7.3 release date.

Meet Couchbase 7.3

  • Scopes and Collections
  • Analytics Service also inherits Scopes and Collections
  • Full Text Search works within Scopes and Collections
  • Full Text Search works within Scopes and Collections
  • User Defined Functions to the Query and Analytics services

About Couchbase

This NoSQL database management software and server solution were developed by a corporation with the same name “Couchbase Inc.”, it is written in C, C++, some Java, as well as other languages. Couchbase is a NoSQL database software. This means that Couchbase operates outside of the relational database model and it features some very distinctive advantages that developers and professionals are starting to migrate towards, we will discuss these further in the article. Couchbase is also a cloud service, meaning that users pay for storage in the cloud and do not have to host a physical server themselves.

People utilize Couchbase to have a database that easily maintains 24/7 availability, where they can store important data and let it be secure and easily recallable. Couchbase is, as we mentioned, a no SQL language, supporting the different and slightly more flexible JSON query system. This is special because it allows users to expand vertically (add more data points and observations with ease), just like with SQL, but also have the option to add extra parameters, making semistructured databases possible. For example, if an eCommerce site wants to record sales, and it observes the time it was made, and what product, Couchbase would allow the seller to register more details, like the transaction amount without having to migrate the entire database.

Couchbase has a number of distinct features that set it apart from the rest of the software released in the early 2010s decade, as well as the late 2000s. For example, the developer states that Couchbase is the best NoSQL platform for hardware resource management. What this means is that Couchbase will have better speed performance than another NoSQL query system. This is because of the innovative ways that Couchbase is programmed to use different sections of the computer’s memory or processing power. Additionally, Couchbase is not entirely shut off from SQL, with the ability to support it with its advantages as well. Couchbase can run in a ton of different operating systems, from Windows to the popular Linux Ubuntu. Of course, all computers connected to the same cluster (essentially handling the same database) must be operating in the same system.


Couchbase has come a long way from its initial 2010 release. We are currently in the 6.6.1 version made available to the public on the 1st of December of 2020. Couchbase is under continuous development, and its forward-looking philosophy will ensure that new features are added to keep up with an evolving world that generates more and more data that can be recorded and acted upon.